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GAYLE tops ‘Billboard’ Pop Airplay chart, says her music’s relatable because “it’s literally just me living my life”

Acacia Evans

GAYLE‘s breakthrough hit “abcdefu” is reaching new heights: Not only has it risen to number three on Billboard‘s Hot 100 — its best placing so far — but it’s also jumped to number one on the publication’s Pop Airplay chart. Obviously, the song is connecting with people all over the country, and the 17-year-old Texas singer has a few ideas why that is.

“I don’t always sit and think about, like, ‘This is why people like my music’ — I’m still coming to terms with the fact that people can like my music, you know?” she tells ABC Audio. “I think the biggest thing for me is I just try and tell the problems that I’ve had in my life and the difficulties I’ve had and the difficulties I’ve seen other people have in their lives.”

Noting that she wants to “talk about the things that aren’t always talked about, in my opinion,” as well as “the things that are talked about,” Gayle says the fact that her music is intensely personal is the very reason why it’s so relatable.

“I talk about things from my own personal perspective and my life, and so I think people can find that relatable because it’s literally just me living my life and I write songs about it,” she tells ABC Audio.

“My personal experiences are unique, but there are some general experiences that I think — just living my life — I’ve had, and other people have, and that I tried my best to highlight and talk about,” GAYLE continues. “And so I think, because I’m coming from such a personal space, [the songs] have the ability to be relatable to people.” 

GAYLE’s debut EP, A Study of the Human Experience Volume One, is out March 18.

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