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"Funny" how that happens: Zedd is back with a new collaboration

Nick Walker/Andrew Hobbs

Zedd is back with his first new music of 2020. He’s just released a track and video called “Funny,” featuring vocals from British singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson

In a statement, Zedd says, “When I first heard Jasmine’s voice on this song, I was blown away by it and knew I wanted to work with her on ‘Funny.’ There’s so much emotion and energy in this song and Jasmine’s voice captures it perfectly.”

Jasmine wrote the song last summer, and according to American Songwriter, her team secretly got in touch with Zedd, who loved the track and reached out to Jasmine about collaborating.

“After a relationship people always seem to come back and want to try again and pay you more attention and say they miss you. I had been through a relationship that wasn’t working and as soon as we ended it, they wanted to spend more time with me,” Jasmine says of what inspired the song.

“Collaborating with Zedd was an amazing experience: His approach was unique, gave the song an incredible energy, and really brought it to life.”

In the video, we see Jasmine’s desktop, and a series of iChat exchanges between her and her ex, who keeps bothering her even though they’re broken up.

Next, we see an iChat message from Zedd, saying he “got her number from Lewis Capaldi.”  At first, she doesn’t believe it’s him, until he sends her a picture. “OMG it is u!” she types. 

“Your voice is incredible. Would you ever want to work on something together?” he responds.

The rest of the video documents their collaboration, with footage of adorable puppies thrown in.  At the end, we see a shirtless Lewis Capaldi, lip-syncing to the song while shoving potato chips in his mouth.

By Andrea Dresdale
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