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Free Cereal From Kellogg’s In Honor Of National Breakfast Week!

It’s National Breakfast Week and to celebrate Kellogg’s is giving away free boxes of cereal!  Wooooooooooo!

According to a nationwide survey conducted by the company, most Americans aren’t getting enough fiber in their diets. So to correct the issue, they’ve launched a new promotion.

Head over to kelloggsfamilyrewards.com by Friday and pledge to put more roughage into your body.

A limited number of those who do will win free boxes of Raisin Bran or Frosted Mini Wheats, both of which offer 20% of the recommended daily amount of fiber per serving.

Ummmmmm….where are the Froot Loops?!? Frosted Flakes?!?!?

What’s your go-to breakfast meal? How much time do you have for the most important meal of the day?