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Forget bagel bites: Here’s ‘Daigle Bites,’ Lauren Daigle’s new podcast

ABC/Eric McCandless

ABC/Eric McCandlessSince the entire live music industry is pretty much shut down, many artists have been performing for their fans live online. But Lauren Daigle has decided to go in a different direction: The “You Say” singer is going to entertain her fans by talking.

Lauren’s new podcast is called Daigle Bites, and you can get it anywhere you get your podcasts, with new episodes posted every Tuesday. What’s unique about the podcast is that in addition to commentary and music, it incorporates a lot of the Q&A sessions that Lauren does before her concerts while on the road, so you can hear her respond to questions that fans have asked her in the past.

The theme of the first episode is music, what Lauren says “makes every cell in my body just jump and leap with joy.” You can hear her answering such questions as, “How did you get discovered by your record label?” and, “What advice could you give to an aspiring singer-songwriter to have confidence in their own work?”

Lauren’s world tour dates through April 29 have now been rescheduled for later this year.  Visit for all the information.

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