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For Kane Brown, Khalid & Swae Lee, relationships "Be Like That" during lockdown

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This year has seen multiple musical collaborations rule the charts, but one of the more interesting is “Be Like That,” by country star Kane Brown, Khalid and Swae Lee.  The triple team-up started with Kane, who first heard the song and then asked his pals to join him on it.

“I first heard it on the [tour] bus,” Kane recalls. “And I believe it was just a verse and a chorus at first and I immediately just fell in love with it. I thought it was a hit from the start.”

But then, he notes, “It became a project of rewriting lyrics and getting other artists on there…and then the process of everybody getting on it during the quarantine, and then the protests and all that stuff. So, it was just hard to get everybody into the studio at the same time.”

Specifically, Kane says he had a hard time tracking down Khalid, with whom he’d previously worked on a remix of the “Talk” singer’s track “Saturday Night.”

“It took a while for us to get Khalid because he was always traveling…” Kane remembers. “The day we were supposed to release the song, I think that we got him the day before that — he jumped on it, so it was a blessing.”

Kane thinks that considering what everyone’s been going through in the last six months, “Be Like That” is extremely relatable.”

“I mean, I feel like, especially during quarantine, that’s usually everybody’s relationship right now,” he says. “Like, you’re together 24/7, you love the person to death but sometimes you’re just like, ‘Get away from me!’ but you always end up going back to that person.

“Be Like That” is on Kane’s current EP Mixtape Vol. 1, which also includes a appearance by John Legend.

By Andrea Dresdale
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