Five Things To Do Every Morning For Extra Energy Through The Day


1.  First thing in the morning, take ten breaths.  Just closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can be an effective way to slow down and start your day more relaxed.

2.  Hydrate. I keep a glass or jug of water on my nightstand. Chug it asap and chug it room temp for best optimization.

3.  Exercise.  Yup, I know, that is hard to get into. Even if you do 5 mins of jumping jacks, push ups, anything to get blood flowing and brain working faster.

4.  Eat..  A breakfast that’s high in protein and healthy fats can help maintain energy levels throughout the day.  But don’t eat too much sugar.  Too much in the morning can cause a crash later on.

5.  Ignore your phone.  Use your work-life balance scale here. When you check your phone or email first thing, you’re letting someone else dictate the start of your day.  And boundaries are important.