First Plastic Straws….Now Hot Dogs Are Getting Banned?!

Traditional hot dogs with mustard, ketchup and fries. Top view scene on a rustic wood background.

2 of my favorite things….no big deal….I’m LYING! I am literally going to die without my plastic bendy straws and now hot dogs are on the chopping block.

At least they are in NYC.  The Mayor said “with the intent of improving the weather and “course-correcting” the climate”, they’re going to reduce the purchase of beef by 50 percent and completely remove processed meat from menus served at such facilities.

That better not mean the hot dog carts on the streets!  1 – that will be A LOT of people out of business, 2 – what are we supposed to eat when we’re cruising around and want a delish dog, 3 – NO, NO, NO!

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