Fans Upset At Luke Bryan For "Cruel" Joke on American Idol

Luke Bryan got raked over the coals after Monday night’s episode of American Idol, with 40 contestants left during the Hollywood audition, it was Luke’s job to let them know who would move on and who wouldn’t.
After telling all 40 contestants that their “time in Hollywood was over,” Luke surprised everyone by saying, “Because you’re going to Hawaii, you made it!!” The contestants were happy but fans on social media weren’t. People tweeted Bryan saying things like, “that was sooooo mean” and “Luke that wasn’t funny!” Bryan responded to the tweets jokingly saying that he had to “mess with ’em.”
Do you think Luke went to far? I haven’t watched American Idol in a loooonnnggg time but I thought they always did stuff like this, didn’t they??? -Suits