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Fans sue Madonna for starting her New York City concert hours late

Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation EntertainmentMadonna‘s current Madame X tour has been plagued with problems since it started last year.  She had to cancel a number of dates due to injury, and at other concerts, she started the show hours later than the time advertised.  Now, two fans are suing her for being tardy.

TMZ reports that two men have filed suit against the Queen of Pop because her September 21 show in Brooklyn, New York, got underway three hours late — at 11:30 p.m., instead of the advertised 8:30 p.m. — while her October 1 show in Brooklyn started two hours late.

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, the fans claim they were subsequently stranded at the venue at 1 a.m. because they missed their scheduled trains and rides home, and weren’t able to arrange alternative transportation because the audience’s phones were confiscated during the show.  They also claim their plans for work and school the next day were ruined.

In addition, the two men claim that the concert promoter, Live Nation, wouldn’t given them refunds.  As per TMZ, they’re suing for breach of contract, loss of value, false advertisement and negligent misrepresentation, and asking for damages and lawyers’ fees.

In November, a similar suit was filed by a fan in Florida.

Meanwhile, Madonna is currently performing a string of shows at the London Palladium.  She canceled the first night of the run, and has also called off the February 4 and 11 performances so that she can take every third day off. 

In a statement to fans, she wrote, “Doing 3 shows in a row is too much on my body and in fact my doctors insist i take a day off after every show but i believe can manage if i do 2 shows then I rest!”

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