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Fans can't believe what Lauv is doing in his new video for "Love Somebody"

Kevn Chen

Lauv has released a video for “Love Somebody,” one of the tracks on new his EP, Without You. It’s a very simple video, but he’s shown doing something that’s all too rare these days: hugging someone.

Lauv spends most of the clip standing outside and holding a woman extremely close to him. We never see her face: just her back, her long hair and her hand, on which she’s wearing a number of rings.  Lauv wraps his arms tightly around her and buries his face in her neck, while she plays with his hair. 

Sadly, it’s hard to watch the video without wondering if both Lauv and co-star have been tested for COVID-19, because what they’re doing is the opposite of social distancing and neither is wearing a mask. 

Since Lauv wrote and produced the song while in lockdown, the video may well have been shot amidst the pandemic — but perhaps he and his “huggee” have been quarantining together all this time. Who knows?

In the comments section, fans are saying as much, with one noting, “Lauv really be flexing on us by hugging someone for 2 mins straight when we can’t even shake hands with someone.”

Another wrote: “Government: Please maintain a safe distance from others. Social distancing is impor…Lauv: * hugs girl for 2 minutes 23 seconds.*”

By Andrea Dresdale
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