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Facebook Sleuth Group Claims They Cracked Carole Baskin Case

If you’ve watched The Tiger King you know that Joe Exotic accused his rival, Carole Baskin of killing her husband, Don Lewis, and burying him in her cat sanctuary under a septic tank.

According to TMZ, a new Facebook sleuth group is working hard to crack the case. The group has uncovered that two septic tanks were installed on Carole’s property, one before Don disappeared and another around the same time of Don’s disappearance. Don disappeared in 1997 and Jack Smith, who represents the Lewis family, has teamed up with the Facebook group to prove that Carole did kill Don.

A permit for the second septic tank was pulled on August 4, 1997, and it was installed by the 15th of that same month. The group believes that Don was buried under the septic tank and has turned over their findings to the police.

Do you think Carole Baskin killed her husband Don Lewis? What makes you believe in the Facebook group?