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Em Beihold wants people to dance through the tough times with new EP ‘Egg in the Backseat’

Moon Projects/Republic Records

For fans of Em Beihold’s TikTok hit “Numb Little Bug,” her new debut EP, Egg in the Backseat, takes that sound and expands it.

Em says the seven-track collection, which also features previously released tracks “Goo” and “Too Precious,” is all about dancing through the tough times.

“I think it’s kind of a theme of, like, dancing to things that aren’t great,” she tells ABC Audio. “And, you know, if I could just make people who are getting led on, who are fragile, who are — these are kind of the different themes of the songs — who are having panic attacks … just have, like, a dance track to them. That’s kind of the vibe, I would say.”

As for the meaning of the EP’s title, Em admits it “doesn’t mean a whole lot.” She says when she was a kid she used to refer to herself as an “egg” every time she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. One time in a songwriting session, she jokingly suggested the lyric “crack me like an egg in the back seat.” Needless to say, it stuck.

“It’s kind of just the sense of, like, fun and silliness that I like to have in my music because I feel like people name their EPs such dramatic things like Darkness and Into the Light or something,” she says. “I feel like Egg in the Backseat, it just kind of is what it is, you know?”

Egg in the Backseat is out now. Next up, she’ll take her songs on the road, joining King Princess for a string of fall tour dates starting October 17.

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