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Ellie Goulding shuts down The 1975’s Matty Healy for saying no one buys her albums

Ellie Goulding
ABC/Fred Lee

ABC/Fred LeeIn today’s lesson of “if you can’t say anything nice…”

After Matty Healy of The 1975 claimed to Beat that no one buys Ellie Goulding‘s music, the “Lights” singer clapped back with the perfect response.

To back things up, Healy, who was talking about his band’s upcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form and the evolution of music, offered his thoughts on how streaming has shaped the music industry.  Unfortunately, he made his point by targeting one person in particular: Goulding.

“The artists whose single streams are in the billions, people don’t buy their albums, necessarily,” he begins in his Thursday interview.  “Ellie Goulding [for example], people will listen to her music at the gym and they will listen to it on playlists. They’ll put the Pop playlist on and it will get out there.”

Continues Healy, “When it comes to her putting out a record, which is someone saying, ‘Will you invest in my lifestyle?’ or ‘Do you want to invest in me, as an idea?’  I have a lot of ‘Yes, I want to invest in you as an idea, and less, ‘I’ll pop this on when I’m doing whatever.” 

He also went on to claim that Goulding is not one of the “Drakes of the world,” which he means she doesn’t have the ability to keep people’s attention for three minutes.

Well, Ellie heard about the “Chocolate” singer’s apparent diss and responded in kind on Thursday. 

Posting to her Instagram stories, the 33-year-old quipped while posting a snippet of the article, “I’ve had 3 multi platinum albums so I feel like people have been fairly invested but ok I’ll let you have it.”  She also threw in a cross-eyed emoji with its tongue sticking out.

As of Friday, Healy has not responded.

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