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Ellie Goulding admits she's losing fans over her environmental activism

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Ellie Goulding believes if there’s an upside to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that people have become more environmentally aware.

The singer and environmental activist, whose first new release in five years, Bright Blue, drops July 17, will be doing her part by selling the album in biodegradable packaging, using recycled materials.  She’s also looking at ways of reducing her carbon footprint when she heads out for her 2021 concerts

While quarantining in England, Goulding tells Time magazine, “People have been really getting to know themselves in quarantine.  They’re really learning about issues they may not have known anything about.”

“People are more connected to nature than ever,” she says. “And now people want answers.”

However, it’s not a message some of her fans are ready to hear right now.

“When I post things to do with my activism, I do lose followers,” she says.  “It’s something that’s scary to confront, and scary to think about. With people just generally having to survive through this period… it’s tough in itself.  So for us to say, actually, we need you to do more, we need you to be more of an activist, people have understandably shied away from that.”

Still, Goulding remains hopeful the pandemic will inspire people to become acquainted with how political activism works.

“We’ve seen the power of protest, we’ve seen the power of activism, not just from groups but also individuals,” she explains.  “I just want people to keep that spirit, and know what their activism is worth.”

By George Costantino
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