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Ed Sheeran CD that he didn't want anyone to hear sells for $65K at auction

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Luigi Rizzo/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

An album Ed Sheeran made when he was 13 has just sold at auction for just under $65,000, according to the BBC.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the album, Spinning Man — of which there exists only 21 copies — was being put up for sale by someone who Ed gave it to in 2008 or 2009. 

Ed summed up his feelings about the album in his book Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey, writing, “There are probably 20 copies of Spinning Man in existence, and I have 19 of them. I don’t want anyone else to get hold of a copy! Most of the songs were about a girl called Claire. She was my first love when I was 13.”

Omega Auctions, which sold the CD, called it an “important artifact in contemporary music history, a milestone in the development of one of the world’s biggest pop stars.”

As for the authenticity of said item, the CD itself doesn’t have a sticker on it: the words “Spinning Man Ed Sheeran” are written on it with a marker. 

Now, the seller says the CD doesn’t have a sticker because Ed “ran out of them,” but one of his reps told the BBC earlier this year, “All of Ed’s early demos for ‘Spinning Man’ featured a sticker. Any supposed copies without one are officially counterfeit.”

So, did the person who bought the CD just pay $65,000 for a fake?  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, Ed’s probably too busy enjoying his new baby daughter Lyra to worry too much about people hearing his early attempts at songwriting.

By Andrea Dresdale
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