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Dua Lipa's vision for a "healthier" alternative to Twitter and its trolls

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Dua Lipa has a great relationship with her fans on social media, but like many artists, she’s felt the emotional impact of having to deal with haters and trolls on a daily basis. She says that’s why she’s working with her management to develop some sort of alternative.

Speaking to Music Week, Dua says at one point, she “wasn’t happy about the messages and awful trolls online that were really getting to me,” and was grateful that her managers allowed her to step away from the social media platform for her “mental health.” 

While she does post on Twitter now, she says she and her managers are trying to come up with a way that she can speak directly to fans without everyone else being able to chime in.

“I want to do something like a fan club with written letters to have a different connection with my fans, because Twitter just wasn’t working for me anymore, I had to remove myself from it,” Dua explains. “It takes serious effort to send someone written hate mail – if they go through with that, I gotta give it to them!”

“Social media can be quite toxic so it’s about trying to figure out ways that are healthier for artists,” she adds. “I’m grateful I have people around me that put that first.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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