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Dua Lipa “accidentally” sampled INXS on “Break My Heart”: “We didn’t quite connect the dots”

Hugo Comte/Warner Records

Hugo Comte/Warner RecordsDua Lipa’s latest hit, “Break My Heart,” interpolates the melody of the 1987 INXS number-one hit “Need You Tonight” — specifically, the “I should’ve stayed at home/cause I was doing better alone” part.  But as Dua explains, she did it completely by accident, and then realized she could be sued.

Speaking to Billboard, Dua says that at first, she and her collaborators on “Break My Heart” were excited that they’d come up with such a great song.

“We didn’t quite connect the dots. We were just like, ‘Oh yeah, this is great!’ We were on such a high and we were just working on it, and then I listened back, and I was like ‘Hold on, guys…'” she explains.

That’s why, she says, INXS members Andrew Farriss and late frontman Michael Hutchence, who wrote the song, are credited as writers on “Break My Heart.”

“The guys at INXS [and] the people that are looking after [the band’s] publishing, were very nice and they really liked the song, so we gave them a publishing credit, a writing credit on the track, because it was only fair, and it just brought nostalgia even more to the forefront, you know?” Dua tells Billboard.  “It confirmed that part for us.”

“It was a funny moment when we were like, ‘Eureka!’ And then, ‘Oh, wait a second…'” she adds, laughing, “I’m not trying to get sued, is kind of the moral of the story.”

“Need You Tonight” was the only U.S. number-one hit for INXS, an Australian band who were global superstars in the ’80s and early ’90s.  The song’s innovative video won five MTV VMAs, including Video of the Year.

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