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Dua & DaBaby are "Levitating" in a disco elevator in new video

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Not long ago, Dua Lipa released a remix of her song, “Levitating,” featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott.  Now she’s released a new version of the song — and a video — featuring chart-topping rapper DaBaby.

Inspired by the golden age of disco, the elaborate video for “Levitating” features Dua stepping into a magical Art Deco-style elevator which whisks her into space, stopping along the way to admit DaBaby, roller skaters and various dancers.

The elevator becomes a dance floor as Dua, DaBaby and their guests get down…and finally arrive in space, where they’re joined by what seems like hundreds of other dancers.

The video was created in partnership with TikTok: Users were asked to create original content ideas for the clip, resulting in 150,000 submissions.  The crowdsourced ideas used in the video include some of the dance moves and makeup looks, and a number of TikTok users are also seen dancing and roller skating in the clip.

“Levitating” is from Dua’s album Future Nostalgia.

By Andrea Dresdale
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