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Doja Cat is keeping her album secrets to herself: “I’m not gonna tell anybody anything”

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Doja Cat is working on an album — but that’s all she’s going to tell you about it.

The Grammy winner sat down with People and confirmed she won’t reveal anything new about the album until it’s ready to be released into the ether. That also means no one has an idea what genre it’ll be — except for her, of course.

“That’s for everybody else to predict,” she quipped. When asked what sound her new album will have, she retorted, “What’s it not going to be?”

Doja continued playing hardball with questions about her album and ruled, “I’m not gonna tell anybody anything. I don’t care how much people beg and plead.”

The “Woman” rapper previously said she will be releasing a German rave album and later quipped it’d be an R&B or jazz album instead.

Doja has also switched up her look and says she is “just bald and cute” after shaving off her eyebrows and hair.  The singer is happy she is able to fully express herself and hopes her fans are inspired by that, too.

“I want them to feel like they can do whatever makes them happy. I want them to express themselves the way that they want to,” she disclosed. “I want them to never be afraid to take a risk when it comes to music or fashion or, you know, being creative.”

Doja is now looking forward to returning to the stage, starting with Thursday’s JBL Live show, now that her throat has healed enough from surgery.  “I’m really excited to be on stage again,” she raved, adding doing live shows is “one of the greatest parts of my career.”

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