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Did Taylor Swift shade Scooter Braun in that new Match ad?

Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift‘s re-recorded version of “Love Story” soundtracks her pal Ryan Reynolds‘ hilarious new Match ad — but that’s not the only creative thing from Taylor that’s featured in the commercial. As E! Online reports, Taylor may have slipped one of her famous Easter Eggs in there as well.

In the ad, called “A Match Made In Hell,” we see Satan meeting a woman named “2020” via 11 months ago. They fall in love and have a great time together, enjoying a year that’s been positively hellish for everyone else on the planet. 

In one scene, the happy couple takes a selfie in front of a literal dumpster fire, but then as the camera moves around — 1:14 into the ad, specifically — you can see another dumpster up against a wall. In front of that dumpster is a scooter lying on its side, with the number “6” spray-painted on the wall above it.

As E! proposes, the “scooter” stands for Scooter Braun, the music manager who bought Taylor’s former record company, and with it, the rights to the original masters of her old albums: six of them, to be exact.  Though Braun recently sold the rights to Taylor’s masters to another company, part of the deal calls for him to still benefit financially from them.

That’s why Taylor is re-recording her old songs in the first place.  She’s hoping that her newly recorded versions will be the ones that fans choose to stream, and that media companies will choose to include in their movies, TV shows and ads.  That way, she’ll deprive Braun of reaping any financial benefit from the originals.

By Andrea Dresdale
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