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Demi Lovato turns 30 Saturday, looks forward to “whole new chapter” — including parenthood

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ABC/Paula Lobo

Demi Lovato hits the big 3-0 on Saturday, which is a huge accomplishment: after all, on their new album they literally sing, “I can’t believe I’m not dead.” But after years of struggling with addiction, substance abuse, mental health issues, relationship troubles and more, Demi’s finally in a good place. As they told Apple Music 1‘s Zane Lowe, for them, turning 30 is all about opportunity.

“Turning 30 has been such an eye-opener to me, because it feels like a door that’s opening to a whole new chapter of my life,” Demi told Zane. “And I, through that door, can see things like purpose and what makes me happy.”

So what are those things that will make them happy? Demi explains, “Through that door I see things like taking time off for myself, to work on my spirituality, to travel to places that I want to go to that I’ve never been to.”

And then, the singer says, they’re ready for the biggest step of all.

“Once I do that, [I want to] take time off to start a family, to raise children and [do] things that bring me joy outside of this industry,” they continue. “Because this industry is all that I’ve known since I was a child.”

“It’ll be scary, but … it can be done and it’s rewarding,” they say of balancing music and motherhood. “I’ve seen so many people do it.”

First, though, Demi has a huge tour planned in support of their new album, HOLY F**K. They gave fans a taste of what to expect Friday morning with a performance on ABC’s Good Morning America Summer Concert Series.


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