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Demi Lovato takes fans on a tour of their mansion

Demi Lovato
ABC/Randy Holmes

Demi Lovato is offering a rare peek inside their home.

The singer teamed with Architectural Digest for a lengthy tour of their modern farmhouse in Los Angeles. The home offers 8,500 square feet of living space, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, massive walk-in closets, a private theater, fire pit and cozy pool.

The home once had a wine cellar, but since Demi is sober, they gave the room a new purpose. “Now it holds a lot of wigs,” they revealed.

The Grammy nominee purchased the space during California’s pandemic-fueled real estate frenzy. They connected with the “vibe” of the house and “fell in love with it.” Demi has since made the house their own by putting in various art displays and splashing bold, beautiful colors around the property.

Personal touches include a “Shroom Room,” an artisan lounge area, a lavender-colored dining room and crystals scattered around the property.

“I also loved that it had everything that I needed,” they said. “There were a lot of houses that were beautiful, but there wasn’t [another] house that could have a room for glam, a room for my fittings, a room for my studio.”

The “Anyone” singer said they created their latest album Holy Fvck in their new abode and their personal touches helped spark the creative energy needed to reconnect with their pop-punk roots.

Demi added this new place is a massive departure from their old stomping ground, which they described as “this blank, white, minimalistic yet cozy home.” While they “loved” living in their old space, Demi admitted, “It felt empty.”

“Home to me is where I can rest easy… and feel completely fulfilled,” Demi noted, adding the house has “everything that I’ve wanted,” so they have “no reason to leave.”

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