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Demi Lovato roasts herself while re-watching 'Camp Rock'

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Demi Lovato decided to take a walk down memory lane over the weekend and have herself a mini Camp Rock marathon.

The 27-year-old, who played Mitchie Torres in both Camp Rock movies, shared her hilarious commentary on her Instagram Stories.

Lovato, when first binging the 2008 movie, couldn’t stop herself from laughing at some of her more “awkward” moments.

During a particularly catty scene between her and co-star Alyson Stoner, Lovato captioned in all caps, “The amount of awkward f****** things I did in this movie… I can’t.”  

In another scene where Lovato’s Mitchie is seen staring adoringly at Joe Jonas‘ Shane Gray, she remarked, “I told yall – how awkward am I?!!!”

Throughout all the written commentary, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer’s intense laughter and wheezes can be heard drowning out the movie’s audio.

Lovato also offered up some of her opinions regarding Camp Rock‘s soundtrack, dubbing the flick’s “Our Time Is Here” is the underrated song.  “[It] slaps not gonna lie,” The Grammy-nominee remarked.

She also offered up some post-COVID predictions as she continued her Disney Channel marathon with Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

During the 2010 movie’s reunion scene — where Lovato’s Mitchie screams and races up to her camp friends to give them hugs — Lovato cracked, “Me seeing my friends in 2021.”

Lovato also found herself pondering during the scene where Mitchie and Joe Jonas’ Shane sing “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” over how the two are perfectly fine “belting their lungs out while everyone’s sleeping.”

The “Anyone” singer wasn’t alone when strolling down memory lane.  Her boyfriend Max Ehrich joined her for the marathon.  Lovato made sure to capture his reactions to some of Camp Rock 2‘s emotional moments, to which she wrote, “Bae is so supportive.”

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By Megan Stone
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