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Demi Lovato pays homage to Myspace with emo remix of “I Love Me”

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Island RecordsDemi Lovato is bringing us back to the early 2000s by giving her latest single “I Love Me” an emo remix, featuring Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.  She released the single at the stroke of midnight on Thursday.

The formerly pop/R&B hybrid song trades its upbeat tempo to channel musical licks reminiscent of Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down” and Paramore‘s “Misery Business.”

Not only that, she catapulted fans straight back to the Myspace era by centering her lyric video around the once popular social media website.  Of course, Demi shows off exactly what her and Travis’ respective Myspace pages would have looked like back in the day.

While the 27-year-old’s page is is decorated with cutesy pink skulls, butterflies and animated glitter, Barker’s pays homage to Halloween with animated bats, skulls and orange writing against a black backdrop.

The lyric video also brings back the nostalgia of sending direct messages on Myspace as the lyrics are typed out across the scene.

This isn’t the first time Barker has crossed into other musical genres to lend his musical talents.

The drummer has previously collaborated with Kanye West, Avril Lavigne, Pink, The Black Eyed Peas, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, Lil Peep, Eminem, Halsey and Rihanna.  

He most recently played drums during Post Malone‘s Nirvana tribute stream.

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(Lyric video contains uncensored profanity)