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Demi Lovato new single “I Love Me” delivers empowering message about self-love

Demi Lovato/YouTube

Demi Lovato/YouTubeDemi Lovato’s released her new single “I Love Me” and it’s nothing short of empowering. 

The upbeat pop song audibly and visually takes listeners through what it’s like to be the former Disney Channel star. Starting out in an apartment alone, she sings candidly about the stress and pressures of her life, diving right into references about her past troubles, including her eating disorder, which she refers to with the lyrics, “I’m guilty about everything that I eat.”

Meanwhile, the internal struggle the “Confident” singer deals with plays out on the screen as three Demis appear — one zen, one normal, and one rebel. 

Rebel Demi and normal Demi get into a pretty rough tangle, smashing a glass table and chipping a concrete pillar in the apartment as the songstress sings about being a “black belt” when it comes to beating herself up. Ultimately, it’s normal Demi who emerges victorious over her dark side. 

The video then cuts to the 27-year-old heading out for a stroll. Rocking a bright red latex trench coat, black jeans and heels, she struts down the street and confidently goes on a trip down memory lane.  

She proceeds to seemingly makes reference to different elements of her past, like the Jonas Brothers, who she toured with, her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and his current engagement, and, at one point, she glances and reaches out to an unconscious woman who is being wheeled out to an ambulance, likely making note of her 2018 overdose.

Demi is all smiles at the end of the video though, delivering the powerful message to love yourself, and showing that despite everything she’s been through, “I Love Me.” 

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