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Demi Lovato, Marshmello and Kevin Love offer mental health advice during live Twitter forum

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Demi Lovato and Marshmello expanded on their latest single “OK Not To Be OK” on Monday by launching a Twitter Q&A to discuss mental health with fans in real time.

The session was moderated by Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love, who recently opened up about his own mental health struggles in a personal essay last Thursday, titled “To Anybody Going Through It.”

Love tasked himself to pore through the mountain of questions from fans and build a discussion around quarantine and pandemic-related mental health issues.

The NBA player forwarded nine specific questions to Demi and Marshmello on subjects like managing anxiety levels while in quarantine, how to adapt to a work-from-home schedule and lockdown-friendly hobbies.

The “I Love Me” singer empathized with a fan who was struggling to “keep going during this tough time” and advised them that, while some days will be easier than others, “We can’t stress ourselves with trying to be perfect.”

Another fan asked how the “pandemic affected your creativity,” and Demi candidly responded, “Finding inspiration and creativity has definitely been an up and down journey for me during this time.” 

She then advocated for reaching out to others, adding that she is thankful to have surrounded herself with a strong support network of friends and family members “that have kept me inspired to keep creating.”

Likewise, Marshmello shared, “i’ve been using this time to dive head first into music. i’ve written more music now than ever before.”

But, he admitted, “I don’t know how good the music is… but there is a lot of it.”

Both artists commended Love for setting up the Q&A when it wrapped up, with Marshmello remarking, “we have to do that more often @ddlovato.” He also thanked Love for “providing his insights.”

By Megan Duley
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