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Demi Lovato discovers her phone’s timer feature and posts gorgeous makeup free selfies

ABC/Eric McCandless

ABC/Eric McCandlessSafe to say a good percentage of those in quarantine aren’t wearing as much makeup as they used to.  Demi Lovato is definitely one of those people and showed off her natural beauty on Saturday.

While enjoying a cozy night relaxing in her hot tub, the “Confident” singer happened to discover the selfie-timer on her smartphone and immediately took it for a test drive.

Swipe to see how I discovered the self-timer feature for taking pics,” she captioned. “@angelokritikos – you in trouble boo boo.”

Angelo Kritikos is Demi’s professional photographer.  Now that she knows how to get the most out of her phone, Demi proved that she is more than capable of taking a series of sexy snaps all by herself.

The first photo is a closeup of Demi’s face, treating fans to a rare glimpse of her freckles.

The second photo, however, is what sent fans and celebrity friends hollering in the comments section.  Demi proudly shows off her strapless crimson swimsuit by twisting to the side and holding her arms above her head in a classic pinup pose.

“Ummmm gorg and those freckles,” Kesha praised in the comments section while model Ashley Graham lauded, “my girl is straight fire.”  

As for Demi’s boyfriend Max Ehrich, he left a heart eyes emoji as a very blunt reaction to the impromptu photoshoot.

As for Kritikos, her photographer, he wholeheartedly approved Demi’s efforts and loudly cheered, “BRING IT ON BOO” and spammed her with fire emojis.

Demi has been posting several makeup free selfies while sheltering in her house during the COVID-19 pandemic.  On Friday, she posted an ultra-relatable story about buying things online when she’s bored as she uploaded another bare-faced selfie.

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