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Demi Lovato continues new Vevo performance series with searing rendition of “29”

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Courtesy of Vevo

Demi Lovato continued their Vevo performance series with an intimate performance of their new single “29.”

The song is rumored to be about the 12-year age gap between Demi and ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, when the two were 17 and 29, respectively. Demi flexed their powerhouse vocals on what appears to be an empty stage to deliver a searing rendition of the new single, which was backed by just a drummer, keyboardist and guitarist.

“29” is the latest track off of Demi’s new album Holy Fvck, which is described as “a pure distillation of the superstar’s creative ethos.”

“My new album HOLY FVCK is a deeply personal journey that begins with pain and anger, and through this emotional release, the album concludes in a hopeful place of joy that allows me to take my power back from the very things that made me angry,” Demi said in a statement. “I knew I wanted to showcase my new music in a unique way for my fans, both visually and sonically.”

The singer continued, “So when an Original Live Performance with Vevo was on the table, I immediately started to brainstorm creatively – the lighting, the room design, my look and outfits, how to incorporate our incredible female live band – all of it! The Vevo team made this vision a reality with me, and I hope my fans can feel the emotion and power through these live performances.”

Demi previously teamed with Vevo for a series of performances in 2012 and in 2017. As part of this new collab, they performed “Substance” and “Skin of My Teeth” off their new album.

The singer will perform “29,” as well as their other tracks off the Holy Fvck album, when they go on tour later this month. Tickets are on sale now on their official website.

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