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David Blaine Is Going to Fly Over New York City Holding Balloons!!

Remember DAVID BLAINE?  The “magician” who does epic stunts on national TV?  Well, he’s back!

His next stunt is called “Ascension,” and he’s going to attempt to fly above New York City, by holding a bunch of helium-filled balloons.  He’ll float across the Hudson River, from New Jersey to his native New York City.

It’s unclear where he got this idea . . . but it’s very possible that he’s spent his quarantine watching “Up” or “Curious George”.  (Here’s a clip.)

On Twitter, David said, quote, “This stunt has been 10 years in the making.  Let’s turn worry into wonder and take magic to new heights.”

The stunt is happening on August 31st, and will air live, exclusively on YouTube.