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Dance to "Diamonds" with Sam Smith using AR technology

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Alasdair McLellan

Want to feel like Sam Smith is dancing right in the room with you? Now, with the help of some cutting edge AR technology, you can.

All you need is the Spotify app and two smartphones — so grab a friend. Here’s how it works: use one phone to open Spotify and start playing “Diamonds,” and you’ll see a QR code in the corner. Then use the other phone’s camera to scan that QR code, and a miniature 3D hologram of dancing Sam pops up.

You can interact with the experience by pressing on the screen to release a shower of diamonds timed to the chorus of the song.

The “Diamonds” AR experience is available on Android and iOS devices with the Spotify app

In other Sam Smith news, they’re offering fans who pre-order their new album Love Goes the chance to win a special piece of merch: a “Victorian letter puzzle,” signed from Sam to you. 

Only 100 of these puzzles — which are basically intricately-folded squares of paper with images of flowers on them — are available. They read, “This is a love note from me to you. You’re loved, you are valid and you are enough. Keep on growing and being yourself. There’s only one you. All my love always, beautiful human…Sam.”

Love Goes is out October 30.

By Andrea Tuccillo and Andrea Dresdale
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