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Cows At The Airports? Get Ready For A Milk Powered Airplane?

Coldplay wants to tour “in a plane powered by milk.”

The band has been eco-friendly for their recent tour, and Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer, aims to push the boundaries farther in the next years.

Martin discussed how they are cutting emissions on the tour, saying, “We’re about halfway where we want to go.”

“A place we are struggling is transport. That’s where we need help, and we need technology to develop so that we can fly in a plane powered by milk or something like that. So if anyone is making a milk-based plane…” said Martin.

Chris stated last year he had “a long way to go” with his green goals. “We still have quite a long way to go, but we’ve already come quite a long way. And there are some things that we didn’t dream were possible that are possible.”

Do you think a total eco-friendly tour is possible?