Cotton Candy now does the body good…if you drink it!

Yep, you can add Cotton Candy to your list of flavored milk, along with Banana Taffy and Blueberry Cobbler.

This is for real. In celebration of the Texas State Fair, Texas-based Borden Dairy will roll out these new flavors in October. According to @SnackGator, the news source for junk food, Each tastes EXACTLY as the name implies, without being overly sweet.

Borden came up with the innovative flavors thanks to their fans via social media, which gave three flavors the thumbs up.

If you want to try these new milk flavors and you can’t make it to Texas for the state fair October 14-20, they’ll be coming to a shelf near you if you live in Dallas, Mississippi, Louisiana or Houston.

Which flavor would you try?  Read more here!