Wish Taylor Swift A Happy Birthday!

WRMF_TaylorSwift_Birthday2023_social WRMF_TaylorSwift_Birthday2023_social

Calling all π“’π“¦π“˜π“•π“£π“˜π“”π“’! πŸͺ©β­πŸŽ§


Entering…π“£π“π“¨π“›π“žπ“‘’𝓒 π“‘π“˜π“‘π“£π“—π““π“π“¨ 𝓔𝓑𝓐….and we need YOUR HELP to make Taylor’s Birthday the most special one yet.Β  Using our mobile app, submit a quick video of yourself, or you and your besties (pets included!) wishing Taylor a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We’re going to put all our videos together to celebrate!


β™«β‚ŠΛš.🎧 ✧ Submit by π“œπ“˜π““π“π“˜π“–π“—π“£ (EST) on 12/6/23. To submit, launch the 97.9 WRMF mobile app, and click on the “feedback” tab. From there, select “send photo or video” to Danny & Meghan!