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Christina Perri says her family is "healing" following pregnancy loss last year

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Christina Perri is giving fans an update on how she’s coping since her devastating pregnancy loss late last year.

“we’re healing. a tiny bit every day we take another step forward,” Christina wrote in an Instagram Story post, featuring a photo of her, her husband Paul Costabile and their three-year-old daughter, Carmella, walking hand-in-hand on a beach.

“i keep describing grief as a house,” Perri continued. “i live in this house now, i just go from room to room. paul and carmella are here in the grief house too. we are healing together and alone.”

She added that watching her young daughter grieve has been the hardest but that little Carmella “keeps lighting our darkness.”

“love is guiding us,” Christina wrote. “we keep facing the sun. we keep trying to be ok. we’re doing all the therapies and healing things someone can do. we know this is a long road.”

In November, the “Jar of Hearts” singer revealed that the daughter she was expecting had been “born silent” in the third trimester. The loss followed a previous miscarriage in January 2020.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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