Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Backstreet Boys and wants to know what " It " is !

If you want to get answers to the hard-hitting questions of life put Chrissy Teigen on the case.
If you’ve ever listened to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys and wondered what is the “it,” that they are referring to, wonder no more. “I never wanna hear you say, ‘I want it that way’ cause i want it that way”. He doesn’t wanna hear it because he is the one that wants it that way? He wants to be the one to say it? Also what is “it”?
Chrissy asked on Twitter.
In true awesome fashion, the Backstreet Boys responded, “Don’t wanna hear you say that you want heartaches and mistakes… or to be 2 worlds apart. We don’t want you to want “it” that way – that’s the way we want it… for you to not want it that way.”
The answer still had the Twitterverse slightly confused but it is pretty cool that she thought to ask.
What do you think “it” is?