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Chimps, dogs & Kobe: PUBLIC’s “Make You Mine” goes viral on Tik Tok

Devyn Glista

Devyn GlistaMake You Mine,” by rising pop/rock trio PUBLIC, has become a smash hit on Tik Tok.  The song’s chorus, “Put your hand in mine/You know that I want to be with you all the time,” is now soundtracking countless romantic videos.  But some of the band’s favorite “Make You Mine” Tik Toks have nothing to do with romance.

One clip the band loves shows a shirtless, long-haired guy climbing a tree with some help from a chimpanzee

“That’s a really interesting use of it, because very literally, ‘Put your hand in mine,'” drummer Ben Lapps tells ABC Audio.

“I don’t know what his life is, but I would love to spend like a week with him,” singer John Vaughn says of the guy he’s dubbed “chimp man.”

“There’s one where…I think it’s a college basketball team, they’re walking out of a locker room and there’s this little kid just giving them all high fives,” bass player Matt Carter adds.

But one recent Tik Tok really choked the band up.

“Some sports outlet used it for like a little kind of tribute video with Kobe [Bryant’s] wife,” recalls John. 

Michael Jordan is grabbing her hand, helping her off the stage,” adds Ben.

“It was a little bit hard to watch, actually,” John admits, noting, “Even in that setting, the song seems to connect with what’s going on…it’s crazy…because it just has this human connection thing about it.”

But the trio isn’t satisfied with being “Tik Tok famous.”

“I think a lot of people right now…are looking for like one song to take…off and that’s it,” says John. “But I think we want to do this for, y’know, the ‘rest of our lives’-type vibe.”

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