Check Out What Justin Bieber Is Doing On His Birthday Weekend!

Justin and Hailey Bieber are getting married!!  AGAIN.
They did it in a court house last time in November, this time in the California sun with family and friends! Save The Date cards went out by email – so check your spam folder if you haven’t received yours yet.
It’s going to be the weekend of March 1st – which btw is Justin’s 25th birthday.
What does Cardi B have in common with Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford and Britney Spears?
She’s the new Super Bowl 53 Pepsi Star!  Meaning she’ll drink it, we’ll love it, it will be the best commercial of the day!
She’ll be in Atlanta during the game, but not during the halftime show.   She’ll be doing something with Bruno Marsin the days leading up to the game.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as you know going to be a father-in-law for the first time when daughter Katherine marries Chris Pratt. By the way did you hear who wants to do their wedding?  His ex- Anna Farris!  Very odd, yet cool!  
Getting back to Arnold…have you seen his son Joseph lately?   They are like TWINS!  It’s amazing and the pose he is recreating is SPOT ON!  Could he be the next Terminator!? 
Did ya know – Arnold won Mr. Olympia SEVEN times!