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Check Out The First Trailer for “Punky Brewster”!

It’s been 33 years since we last saw the sitcom, Punky Brewster, on our screens but that’s all about to change. The revival of “Punky Brewster” is set to premier on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, on February 25th.

The first trailer for the 10 episode sitcom dropped today and gives viewers an insight on what to expect from the new show. Soleil Moon Frye reprises her role as Punky, but now as a single mom raising three children alone. Punky meets a young girl who reminds her of herself and is also in the foster care system. The adventures begin when Punky invites the girl to come and live with her and her children.

What was your favorite 80s sitcom? What 80s TV family reminds you of your family?