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Check Out Taylor Swift’s Brothers Cover Of “Look What You Made Me Do”

HAUNTING!!!!!!  And here is the scoop on why they did it.

TAYLOR SWIFT may have finally started to make good on her promise to re-record her entire back catalog . . . to get back at Scooter Braun and her former label, which sold her masters without her consent.

Over the weekend, Taylor announced that she was very stoked about a cover of “Look What You Made Me Do”, which was used on the show “Killing Eve”.

The cover is credited to Jack Leopards & the Dolphin Club, and a lot of people believe the male singer is Taylor’s brother Austin Swift.  He’s apparently used the name Dolphin Club in the past . . . and the group has no other songs out.

Also, the song’s co-producers are listed as Jack Antonoff and “Nils Sjöberg,” which is the pseudonym Taylor used when she co-wrote “This Is What You Came For” for Rihanna and Calvin Harris in 2016.

Taylor hasn’t commented.

Even if this is the case, it’s probably a one-off cover.  But if it’s an intentional copyright workaround, it shows that Taylor is more than ready to start re-recording her music to regain control over her catalogue.