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charlieonnafriday: “Enough” is “a great song” to help people “put something behind them”

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Cole Ferguson

Seattle artist charlieonnafriday, born Charlie Finch, saw his song “Enough” go viral on TikTok in 2022, and now it’s becoming his first big radio hit. He says the song, about a broken romance, is based on his experience, but he gets why it’s connecting with fans.

“It is a real-life thing,” he tells ABC Audio. “This was an old thing, but it definitely helped me put it behind me for sure.” But Charlie says the experience he describes in the song is pretty universal.

“I think a lot of people can relate to having something in their life that they want to move on from and put behind them,” he notes. “And I think it’s a great song to do that.”

Starting in April, he’ll be touring the United Kingdom and Europe with fellow Seattle star Macklemore, who’s become a friend and mentor to Charlie.

“I have had a ‘Wings’ poster in my bedroom my entire life,” says Charlie, referring to the first single from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ Grammy-winning 2012 album, The Heist. He adds, “To be able to have the opportunity to go on tour with someone that I’ve always looked up to is incredible.”

Not only that, but having access to Macklemore means getting useful advice on the music biz — or, as he puts it, “Just how to deal with stress and how to maneuver this game.”

Charlie is releasing a new single on January 27 called “That’s What I Get.” It’s available to presave now.

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