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Charlie Puth records Diane Warren song for new Disney film, 'The One and Only Ivan'

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Danielle Levitt

Charlie Puth‘s career took off thanks to a movie song: “See You Again,” from Furious 7.  Since then, he’s done some other soundtrack songs, but now he’s recorded one for a Disney film, written by movie song queen and perennial Oscar nominee Diane Warren.

The movie is The One and Only Ivan, hitting Disney+ on August 21, and the song is called “Free.” You can hear it now in an ad for the movie, which is based on a best-selling children’s book.

“I’m so proud to have written the song ‘Free’ for Thea Sharrock’s amazing movie The One and Only Ivan’,”  Warren says. “The theme of this movie deeply touched my heart and I hope my song deeply touches yours as well.”

“Charlie Puth brought this song to life in a way nobody else could,” she adds. “It is a very special and meaningful song to me, and I hope it becomes one for you as well. I hope it makes you feel a little more free.”

Charlie adds, “It was very exciting to work on this movie and to collaborate with the incomparable Diane Warren on the song ‘Free.’ I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we created together for this special film.” 

The One and Only Ivan tells the story of Ivan, a gorilla who lives in a cage at a mall with an aging elephant and a stray dog, and has no memory of his life in the wild.  When a baby elephant named Ruby arrives, Ivan is galvanized into changing his life, and those of the other animals, for the better.

The movie stars Bryan Cranston and the voices of Sam Rockwell, Angelina Jolie, Danny DeVito, Helen Mirren, Chaka Khan, Philipa Soo and Brooklynn Prince.

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By Andrea Dresdale
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