“Chainfest” Is Coming To L.A. And Want To Go!

Food festivals can be a fun way to go out and experience the culinary offerings in your area.  But THIS is different: There’s a new food festival coming to L.A. called Chainfest, which will feature bites from restaurants like Chili’s Grill and Bar . . . Dunkin’ . . . Jack in the Box . . . Panda Express . . . Pizza Hut . . . Red Robin . . . and Sonic Drive-In. Drinks will be provided by Pepsi . . . and there will be “specialty” alcoholic drinks from Guinness, Smirnoff, Crown Royal, and Captain Morgan. It costs $75 to get in . . . and if it’s slammed and you can’t get in to every booth, you can use Postmates to get on-site delivery.  (???) One of the people behind the concept is B.J. Novak from “The Office”, but this isn’t a joke . . . or even a sarcastic stunt. His business partner is a chef named Tim Hollingsworth, and as part of the event he’s putting his spin on one “classic dish” from each chain.  And that’s something you can only get at the festival. It’s unclear if HIS creations are the ONLY ones part of the fest, or if the chains will also provide versions of their STANDARD food. The festival is happening in Hollywood the first weekend of December.  Two days have already sold out, so they added another day.  There’s no word if they plan to expand further.  You can get ticketing information at EatAtChain.com. (Food Network / Hollywood Reporter)  


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