Celine Dion’s Biopic Has Only Made 600K Since November

Did you know there is a biopic about Celine Dion? You’re not alone. “Aline” has made just $628,000 since its first was released last November.

Now “Aline” is seen in very limited theatres and averages $12 a day in ticket sales. On April 3rd, boxofficemojo reported, “Aline” made $0– no money– playing in one theater. Last weekend “Aline” appeared in 61 theaters bringing in $21,000.

The French film is not being shown in Dion’s home country of Canada and but in France, it’s made $10 million. The star, Valerie Lemercier, won the Cesar (French Oscar) for best actress. Have you seen “Aline?” Share your thoughts.