Celebrities who used dating apps

If it’s not cuffing season drawing attention to your relationship status then Valentines Day will certainly do the trick.

Studies show an uptick in users on dating apps around holidays that focus on romance.

With valentines day just around the corner, I figured we look at celebrities who have used dating apps and what they had to say about them.

  1. Zac Efron – Well it may be surprising to hear but Zac Efron tried dating apps for a while. Even more surprising was that he didn’t get any swipes. Zach says he believes it’s because everyone who encountered his profile thought it was fake.
  2.  Hilary Duff – Back in 2015, Hillary Duff actually gave Tinder a shot. She told Billboard that she did it more as a social experiment  While it didn’t work out on the app, she has since found the man of her dreams and seems to be happily married with three children.
  3. Katy Perry used Tinder in 2014 right after her break up with John Mayer. Katy says she got really into it and even went out on a few dates.

  4. Olivia Rodrigo – Our girl Olivia Rodrigo tried out Raya, probably sometime after writing her but she absolutely hated it. 

  5. Shaquille O’Neal tried Tinder for a while but like Zac Efron, he had little to no luck because no one believed he was real.

  6. Drew Barrymore tried out Raya but says she often got stood up or never matched with anyone.  She did however, reveal that there were a lot of fellow celebrities on the app. 

  7. Simone Biles’ experience on Raya was a success, she actually met her current boyfriend on the app.  

  8. Chelsea Handler revealed that she using Tinder but she’s not looking for love. In 2016 Chelsea said she used the app to find hookups while she was on the road. 


Everyone’s experience on dating apps is different. Don’t give up! There’s someone out there for everyone!