CBS Cancels "Murphy Brown".

When I say I LOVED this show when it was originally on, that would be an understatement.  I loved, loved, LOVED Murphy Brown!  She was tough, she was professional, she was hilarious!  But this reboot…wasn’t even close to the original for me.  It seemed to me like all the actors were phoning it in.  Also the “millennial” was annoying and not funny. There was no passion behind it at all.  The only character I actually liked was Phyllis played by Tyne Daley, and she wasn’t even on the original!
Soooo the suits at CBS have decided to drop “Murphy Brown.” The reason for the drop, bad ratings.
The show that was so popular from 1988-1998 didn’t enjoy the same success and could only muster a 0.9 Nielsen rating in its key demo of 18-49.
Critics slammed the reboot of the show saying that there was too much politics and not enough comedy.
The reboot was picked up for 13 episodes, but after those the network wil not continue with the show.
Did you watch any of the “Murphy Brown” reboot? Do you agree that it should be taken off TV?