Tracy St. George

Is Peppa Pig Making Your Kids Talk Like A Brit?

Come on!  Who hasn’t loved to speak with and English accent!  I know I do all the time!  It usually when I’m trying to be like Lisa Vanderpump from RHOBH…. Well parents are starting to make claims that Peppa Pig is causing their kids to adopt a British accent. The change in accent has been […]

New Avril Lavigne Music! "Dumb Blonde" With Nicki Minaj

I have to admit, “Sk8r Boi” is still one of my absolute favorite songs of all time!!  I have loved Avril since she came on the music scene way back in the early 00’s! Super excited to check out her new album dropping Friday “Head Above Water”. What I love so much about Avril is […]

RHOBH 9th Season Premiere TONIGHT!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  I can’t wait!  You know how much I love all of my Housewives!! Except for Potomac and DC I watch all of them! Of all the franchises – OC, NYC, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, DC & Potomac – which is your favorite and who is your favorite housewife?  My fav is Jersey and […]

Wendy Williams' Staff Doesn't Want Her Back!

So it seems that the break Wendy is taking is ALSO a nice break for her staff!  They don’t want her back!  According to Radar Online, everyone is laughing, smiling and having a good time – like on vacation – with her being out with her illness. They used to be worried about losing their […]

For Crying Out Loud Man! I’m Right HERE!

For someone who sings about love often enough, Lenny Kravitz can’t seem to find any. Or at least that’s what the rocker claims. Speaking to People recently, the multiple Grammy award winner says he’s ready to find true love but it’s been difficult, blaming his art as the reason. Kravitz also opens up in the interview about past […]

Do you have drinking rules?

“Beer before wine is always fine” has been used by people for years in order to avoid a hangover. A new study exposes that theory. 90 people were given beer and wine in one order the first week and in reverse order the next week. The participants were asked how they felt after each night […]

Tall? Grande? Venti? Trenta? Do You Get Mixed Up, Too?

Starbucks has invented a language for ordering coffee that only its acolytes truly know. Forgoing the typical small, medium and large format, you have tall, grande, and venti. But what do those sizes actually mean? How much coffee, and by that note, caffeine, are you ingesting with each cup of Joe? A tall is 12 ounces, […]

Travel With Your Girlfriends! It's Good For Your Health!

Feeling down? Well, grab your friends and take a trip because according to a study, taking time to spend with your friends is good for your mental and physical health. As a matter of fact, a study was done back in 2016 that said spending time with friends increases oxytocin, the feel food hormone that’s […]

What's Trending? I'll Tell You With "Trending With Tracy" On CBS12!

CBS 12’s Teri Hornstein and I are OBSESSED with the Netflix documentary on the failed Fyre Festival!  Have you seen it?  We discuss! It’s about the amazing music festival that never happened, huge things were promised, nothing was delivered.  It was a mess and the guy who planned it/scammed it – Billy McFarland – went to jail! […]

One Of The "Good Guys" From The Fyre Festival Is Getting His Own Show!

I liked this guy!  I would watch! Many of us met Andy King for the first time by watching the Netflix documentary, Fyre Festival. He is the one who was willing to “take one for the team” so they could get water for the festival.  THAT is dedication!  Did you watch?!  If you did, you know […]

Madonna To Be Honored During The GLAAD Media Awards!

GLAAD has announced that they will honor Madonna during the 30th GLAAD Media Awards. During the May 4 ceremony, Madonna will be recognized for her activism for The LGBTQ community. “Madonna always has and always will be the LGBTQ community’s greatest ally and it’s only fitting to honor and celebrate our biggest advocate at GLAAD’s […]

YES! P!nk Has A New Album Coming Soon!!

Try to act surprised when she makes the official announcement later today….. But P!nk is about to send her fans into a frenzy when she makes the announcement that she’ll be releasing a new single and album!! She’s going to make the announcement this afternoon on Ellen and will also reveal that a video for her new […]

But Why?

I guess there isn’t that much to do in the Czech Republic when it’s cold.  So why not swim UNDER THE ICE OF A FROZEN LAKE?!  The guys name is Petr and as far as I can tell, he just did it to do it.  Not a reality show for a prize, not to break […]