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Batman To The Rescue Of A 3 Year Old Who Was Bullied!

A 3-year-old was being bullied at daycare and a mother who wasn’t getting any help from the staff decided to take matters into her own hands. Erica Calculli says that her daughter, Lydia, was coming home with bruises on her face and one day when she picked her up with a red and black eye, […]

The 2019 “People’s Choice Awards” nominations are out!

The nominees for the 2019 “People’s Choice Awards” were released yesterday.  This is the second year that they’ll air on the E! network, after moving over from CBS, where they’d been for 43 years. This year, they’ve reduced the number of nominees from 12 to ‘just’ EIGHT in each category.  Which was NECESSARY, because there are already […]

According To Kelly Clarkson, It’s Family First, Talk Show Second!

Kelly Clarkson may be busy with her singing career, filming The Voice and getting ready for her syndicated talk show, the Kelly Clarkson Show, but she’s never too busy to take her kids to school. The American Idol winner and mother of two requested that she have time during shooting her new talk show to be able to […]

Marriott Hotels Stopping The Little Bottles Of Shampoo!

You won’t be able to take the little bottles of shampoo from Marriott hotels after next year. The hotel chain has announced they will stop supplying the small plastic shampoo, conditioner and bath gel containers in December 2020. They will be replaced by wall-mounted dispensers or bigger bottles depending on the hotel. Marriott is the […]

Miley Dumps Ex Liam Hemsworth Stuff At Goodwill!

According to, Miley Cyrus has dumped Liam Hemsworth’s belongings in the trash. An insider says that Cyrus boxed up Hemsworth’s belongings such as framed photos, signed posters, designer clothes, and jewelry have been thrown out or boxed up and sent to Goodwill. The couple split after claims of Hemsworth partying and popping pills, Cyrus is […]

Come On Ladies, Can’t We All Get Along?! Did Demi Shade Taylor On Instagram?!

Demi Lovato was a no show at last night’s MTV VMAs.  The singer seemed to serve up some shade and fans think she was directing it towards Taylor Swift. Lovato, who was nominated for Best Dance Video for her song, “Solo,” took to Instagram stories to explain why she didn’t attend the major musical event. […]

2019 MTV VMA Winners!

I loved every minute!  My fav performance?  Miley Cyrus “Slide Away” hands down! Coming in at a VERY close 2nd – Missy Elliott!  WOW WOW WOW to that performance!  And I LOVED when she recognized all the dancers and dedicated her award to the dance community all over the globe!  She is a CLASS ACT!!!! […]

Trending With Tracy on CBS12! What’s Hot Today!?

Taylor Swift’s new album Lover came out today and had pre-sales over a million so who knows – her biggest album EVER!?  We’ll have to wait and check the numbers!  Did you hear she’s looking for a new love nest for her and current beau Joe Alwyn?  Just a nice little London $30 million home!  She really wants 2 kitchens and lots of room to […]

No Way!! The Titanic Is Disappearing!!!!

Divers visiting the wreckage of the Titanic say the legendary ship is getting swallowed up by the ocean floor. This month saw the first dives to visit the Titanic shipwreck in over 14 years.  Researchers say the ocean liner is “being consumed by the ocean”, due to corrosion, ocean currents, and metal-eating bacteria.  The 107-year-old shipwreck is also a […]

The Future King Flies Coach!?

Royal watchers are talking this morning about Prince William and Duchess Kate taking their family on a cheap airline trip. The family boarded a budget flight from Norwich to Scotland. The tickets were about $90 a pop in American dollars. A passenger who saw them told The Daily Mail, “The family was sat right at the front. I […]

Apparently A Thing Overseas Is Finally Here! KFC Mac & Cheese Bowl!

While the chicken sandwich battle rages on between Chick-Fil-a, Popeyes and others, KFC just said, “Hold my beer.” KFC isn’t reworking their sandwich, they are offering a new Mac and Cheese Bowl. The dish contains a cheddar mac with a three-cheese blend on top plus KFC’s popcorn chicken bites mixed in. You can get a […]

Uh Oh….Do Doritos Have Competition??!! Totino’s Snacks?! YUM!!

I freakin’ LOVE Totino’s pizza!! I mean you can get 10 of them for like $10!!  And they’re so good!  And the pizza rolls….don’t get me started! And I know that at some point in your life, you’ve probably also snacked on some kind of quick and easy delish Totino’s snack. Now Totino’s is hoping […]

What If You LOVE Disney, But You Also Love To Sleep In On Vacation!?

Taking the family to Disney World can add up in costs. But if you’re not early risers, that could play to your advantage. The Most Magical Place on Earth is offering discounted Mid-Day Magic tickets for a limited time to those who show up at the four theme parks after 12 noon. Depending on the package purchased, Disney […]

From Remington Steele To James Bond To Alfred!

A rumor has been floated that Pierce Brosnan is being considered for the role of Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman. He would follow in the footsteps of Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons who played the trusty butler and colleague of Bruce Wayne in previous Batman movies. Plot points for the latest Batman film have been closely guarded. We do know […]

Boiling Eggs Can Be Dangerous To Your Health!

Here’s a cautionary tale for those who use the microwave to speed up your cooking times. A woman was severely burned while simply boiling eggs. Bethany Rosser read online that she could make the meal with her microwave so long as she added salt to the water. Even though she followed the directions, things still went terribly […]

Holy Emily Valentine! #BH90210

Did you catch BH90210 Wednesday?!  Again and AWESOME episode!  I really love how they’re doing the show!  This week we got Emily Valentine back!!!  And next week – SHANNEN!!!!!!! Are you loving it as much as I am?  The last scene from Wednesday’s show cracked me up!  Ohhhhh the mystery that lies ahead!!!

Proof That The Green Bay Packers Aaron Rogers Is THE COOLEST QB In The League!

I’m an offical Cheesehead!  Grew up in Wisconsin and have been to my share of Packer games at Lambeau Field! Aaron Rodgers had an idea to raise the noise, possibly morale, and definitely the alcohol levels of Green Bay fans.  Rodgers suggested slashing beer prices at home games to get the crowd louder while at […]

Reality Shows Go Crazy! I Discuss On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Chrisley Does Not Know Best….about his taxes, financial records, nor how to treat his daughter apparently!  This is another thing to pile on the family drama – Oldest daughter Lindsie is saying that Dad Todd Chrisley and brother Chase were blackmailing her with a sex tape!   Lindsie is saying Chase bought the tape and he and Todd where trying […]

Jack-o-lanterns? SNOOOOOZE!! Yoga Skeletons Are What You Need This Halloween!

Forget about the cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns; Better Homes & Gardens says that this coming Halloween’s hottest trend will be yoga skeletons. Michaels craft store will have you feeling the spooky zen with four different skeletal poses, from the Lotus to the Tree. Now you can say “namaste” to your trick-or-treaters; the yoga skeletons are available […]