Tracy St. George

Were You As Obsessed With “The Simple Life” As I Was?!

Oh my goodness I never missed an episode!  There was no funnier duo since Laverne & Shirley!  Yes they often crossed the line with tacky, but come on!  That’s what made it so hilarious!!!  So imagine my sheer joy when the other day there were rumors going around that “The Simple Life” was going to […]

A New Blizzard At Dairy Queen!? Yep!

Any reason to enjoy ice cream is a good reason!  Dairy Queen has announced a new Blizzard to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The limited edition Zero Gravity Blizzard is a cosmic swirl of Oreo cookies, sparkly swirls, cotton candy topping blended with soft serve and topped with galaxy sprinkles. […]

Seriously!!! How Awesome Were The Wallendas!?!?!?

WHOA!  That was scary!!!! The Flying Wallendas successfully pulled off another high-flying stunt over the weekend, crossing New York City’s Times Square on a tightrope in a live ABC special Sunday night. Nik and Lijana Wallenda crossed the 1,300-foot tightrope that stretched from 1 Times Square to 2 Times Square, while tourists cheered them on […]

So Are The Martians Hiding? Where Are They?!

A puff of gas on Mars means there could be life there!  But what kind of life?  Are we talking animals?  Bugs?  People-ish? The NASA rover, Curiosity, made a new discovery of methane gas on Mars Wednesday.  This time the measurement was three times larger than the 2013’s measurement of methane. Here on Earth, methane […]

Who Should Get The Next Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star?!?!

This list of celebrities getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year has been released. There will be 33 honorees in 2020. They include Andy Cohen, Julia Roberts, Spike Lee, Chris Hemsworth, 50 Cent, Billy Idol, Octavia Spencer. Elvis Costello, Dr. Phil McGraw, Dave Chappelle, Wendy Williams, Laurence Fishburne, Kathie Lee Gifford, […]

Have You Ever Heard Of “Summersgiving”?! Me Either, But It’s A Thing!

And no, it’s not actually an SNL skit!  It’s REAL! If one helping of Thanksgiving isn’t enough, a New Jersey resident is trying to make a summer version of the holiday tradition across the world. It’s called, “Summersgiving” and is to be celebrated the first Saturday after the summer solstice. “There’s no need to get […]

Do You Talk To Yourself?! If Not, Scientists Say You Should!

If you talk to yourself, keep doing it. According to science, talking to yourself is actually a good thing. Seriously, Lisa Ferentz says, “expressing inner thoughts out loud can help you better conquer the present and future and is something that everyone should start practicing.” Ferentz also suggests that writing down what you’re grateful for […]

If There Is One Thing A St. Bernard Does NOT Need…It’s This.

It’s been said that you can find anything on Amazon! Including a onesie for your dog. Seriously, the onesie is called the “Shred Defender” and its sole purpose is to solve that problem that many dog owners have and that’s shedding. ISN’T SHEDDING NATURAL AND SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?!  Dogs will get too hot if they […]

Carrie Underwood Gets Sued For NFL’s “Game On” Theme Song

While I find them extremely similar….I don’t think they’re the same.  Sure they both sing “Game ooooooooooon” the same, the song to me is different.  What do you think? Heidi Merrill says she submitted the song to the NFL for Carrie to do, but they turned her down and then suddenly she heard the Sunday […]

FREE Swimming Lessons For Kids In Palm Beach County!

According to the Florida Department of Health, Florida leads the nation in unintentional drowning deaths for children up to age 14. The Drowning Prevention Coalition in Palm Beach County offers free swim-lesson vouchers for qualified children ages 2-12 Find out more here!

Not Sure Where She Was Going, But She Was Driving Pretty Slow…..

A South Carolina woman who was pulled over for drunk driving won’t be getting a DUI citation.  Why?  Because she was driving a battery-powered toy truck. Police spotted 25-year-old Megan Holman rolling down the streat in a Power Wheels electric toy truck.  Officers say she was stopped about a mile from her home. Her choice […]

Some Found This Email Offensive….I Find It Funny, True And Motivational!

Oh Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!! A woman is “horrified” after receiving a promotional email from her former gym that reeked of body-shaming. The e-mail from an Anytime Fitness location in Connecticut addressed Mora Reinka. As it addressed all the fun of summer, the note said, “LOTS of pictures of you that will be posted online forever. LOTS of […]

We Learned SO Much From Taylor Swift Today!

1 – She dropped a new track called “You Need To Calm Down” at midnight! I LOVE IT!!!! 2 – Her new album will be called “Lover”! 3 – It will be out August 23rd! 4 – She has a new clothing line on the way! 5 – She’s teamed up with Stella McCartney! 6 […]

Woman Sets Beau’s House On Fire FIVE Times!

I love any excuse that let’s me use Prodigy’s “Firestarter” as my featured image! This is a story about a good indication that you shouldn’t marry someone. Tiffany Hummel was arrested Monday and charged with setting her finance’s house on fire five times. The police in Hendersonville, Tennessee has been investigating the fires that took […]

I’m Moving To Canada!!! To Buy The Weinermobile!

Actually, I don’t have to move there….I could just buy it and drive home. Canada’s Craigslist sports some truly unusual items – like a 1991 Oscar Mayer Weinermobile that can be yours for just $7,000!!! A Vancouver man is selling the hot dog-shaped vehicle, which he says was purchased at an auction by his uncle […]

Keanu Reeves DOES NOT Get Handsy With The Ladies!

Keanu Reeves is being praised for being the perfect gentleman. Honestly, I always thought he seemed like a really cool guy! Reeves has been out promoting three separate movies and taking pictures with a lot of adoring female fans. However, the actor hasn’t be photographed touching them as he poses for the picture. Fans have […]

Don’t Be Tardy For The Bank Deposit! Kim & Brielle Get A Raise!

You might be thinking…..for what?!?!?!?  But it’s true, Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle have just gotten a huge raise from Bravo to continue doing their reality show “Don’t Be Tardy.” After being unceremoniously booted from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kim wanted to remain with the franchise, but her wish wasn’t granted. Now Kim has […]

Middle Armrest…..Is It Yours? Or Your Neighbors?!

No one really wants to take the middle seat on a flight. But to make up for getting sandwiched between two people, at least you can grab both armrests. Right? In a debate that started raging late last week, internet commentators are arguing for and against on the position of “does the person sitting in […]

Heaven Has Just Descended Into Times Square!

If you are ever in New York’s Time Square and need a hot doughnut, Krispy Kreme will soon have you covered. OMG!  Book me a flight!  Sure I know I can drive a little to the South to get my fix, but any excuse to go to NYC, right?! Starting in early 2020, Krispy Kreme […]

Taco Bell Gives Us A Hit Song AND Nacho Fries Are Back!

Taco Bell is once again bringing back their popular Nacho Fries and this time to promote their return the fast-food chain has made created a movie. The movie is called “Chasing Gold” and the movie even has a theme song that focuses on a person’s love for nacho fries called “Love of My Life.”  Sheesh, […]