Tracy St. George

Bye Bye Adam Levine! He Has Announced He’s Leaving “The Voice”!

Adam Levine has been a coach on The Voice since the show began in 2011. He won’t be there for the next season. Show host Carson Daly announced Friday that Levine would be leaving the singing competition.  Daly said, “Of course many viewers will miss watching his frenemy relationship with Blake Shelton. He’ll always be a cherished […]

It Wasn’t Always “Party Time! Excellent!” With Wayne & Garth! Find Out What Happened!

Things were not always PARTY TIME, EXCELLENT! Who know Wayne and Garth had a falling out!  DANA CARVEY had to go to therapy for a beef he had with MIKE MYERS years ago!!    Dana is saying Mike stole the Dr. Evil character (from Austin Powers) from an impression HE used to do of Lorne Michaels.  And there was animosity for a while, but Dana says, quote, “I’ve basically […]

Forrest, Woody, Josh Baskins And Tom Hanks ALL Turned Down For A Beer!

Are you kidding me?  Nope, it’s not a joke.  Tom Hanks tells Ellen he was at the Stagecoach Festival when a bartender said sorry, no beer for you.  Why? Because he didn’t have a bracelet on saying he was 21!!! Who the heck was that bartender?  Did he never see a movie or a TV […]

Life Tip #4 Is My FAVORITE From Jennifer Garner To College Grads!

JENNIFER GARNER gave the commencement speech at Denison University in Ohio.  That’s where she graduated in 1994.  And she had eight life tips for the graduates.  Here they are . . . 1.  “Don’t walk down the Grand Canyon to see what it looks like from the bottom.  It’s great from the top . . . […]

Sharing Candy! It’s The Key To A Long, Happy Marriage!

Isn’t this about the sweetest thing?  LITERALLY!?!? According to their daughter, Curtis and Virginia Peters owe the success of their 79-year marriage to one very simple daily ritual. Susan Peters Cathoir tells TODAY Food that her parents share a chocolate bar almost every day, noting, “They love the Hershey’s. It melts in their mouth just the way […]

Ed Sheeran Announces New Album!

With the release of his song with Justin Bieber, you had to figure Ed Sheeran was going give us more. Sheeran has announced the No. 6 Collaborations Project.  The album is scheduled to be released on July 12th. Sheeran said he has been working on No. 6 Collaborations for the last year and he’s a huge fan of […]

#FearTheDeer! Go Bucks! Oh, And Taco Bell Has FREE Tacos During The NBA Finals!

Make sure you’re paying attention to the NBA Finals. It could earn you a free Doritos Locos Taco courtesy of Taco Bell! Now in its fourth year, the fast-food giant has brought back their “Steal A Game, Steal A Taco” promotion for the series between Golden State and the Eastern Conference winner. All that needs […]

Komen Florida second location to be added in rural Glades Region to reduce breast health disparities

Komen Florida’s First-in-Nation Breast Health Navigation Program  Expands After Reaching Over 1,800 in First Year Second location to be added in rural Glades Region to reduce breast health disparities. Palm Beach County, Fla.– Susan G. Komen® Florida announced today the expansion of its first-in-nation breast health navigation program for women of diversity as it approaches its one-year anniversary. Komen Florida launched […]

TMI Jada….Why Do You Think We Would Want To Know This?

On a new episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, the actress reveals that she was addicted to porn prior to meeting Will Smith.  And she tells this to her MOM and DAUGHTER!  Jeez louise. The podcast episode focuses on porn and how it affects relationships and Jada reveals that during her time of abstinence […]

Maroon 5 Breaks Billboard Record!

If it feels like you’ve been hearing Maroon 5’s Girls Like You for a while, it’s because you have! The song just broke the record for the most weeks at number 1 by a group on the Billboard Adult Contemporary radio airplay chart. Girls Like You has been on top for 23 weeks. The previous record holder for […]

Eiffel Tower Is Closed!

Thanks a lot weirdo who tried to CLIMB it! The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has been shut down “until further notice” after a man tried to climb the structure. Visitors to the tower were evacuated as police, firefighters and a climbing expert assessed the situation. The man got to the third and highest […]

Pink Chocolate? Sure! I’ll Try It!

Bloomberg News is reporting that a Swiss chocolatier, Barry Callebaut, is bringing ruby chocolate to the United States, where it’ll be renamed “pink chocolate.” It’s the first time chocolate has been remixed in over 80 years! Barry Callebaut has been working on the ruby chocolate for over ten years when a ruby cocoa beans were found […]

Don’t Kiss The Cows. You Guessed It…Another Weird Internet Challenge.

Some internet “challenges” are fun. Others are really dumb and dangerous. This one falls into the latter. European officials are asking citizens not to participate in the Cow Kiss Challenge as it could turn out bad for everyone involved. Launched as a charity drive by the app Castl on Wednesday, users in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria have […]

Get Your Hershey’s S’mores Caddy At Target! Or Just Use Your Own Box….?

The next time you go on a camping trip make sure you pack your Hershey’s S’mores caddy if you’re serious about making the treat around the campfire. The caddy is now available at Target and while it doesn’t include the ingredients you need to make the s’mores, it does come with trays to help you […]

Aldi….The Coolest/Weirdest Grocery Store On The Planet

I love Aldi!  You literally never know what you’re going to find there!  For example, right next to the cereal might be a grill.  And right next to the jars of jelly might be Harry Potter crochet kits!!!! Now before you get too excited, they’re only over seas right now, but I’m sure they’ll be […]

Britney Spears May Never Perform Again.  SAY WHAT!?!?

Ya’ll…..there appears to be ALOT more to the story than we know. These are the soul-stirring words from her manager Larry Rudolph who received information from professionals about Britney’s mental status. “It was the perfect storm,” Rudolph said in an interview. “We had to pull her show because her meds stopped working and she was […]

Publix Celebrates National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Customers just need to stop by today from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to your neighborhood Publix bakery to get their hands on one! In honor of the day, Publix shared some fun facts about their cookies: -Each cookie is packed full of about 45-50 semi-sweet chocolate chips -Publix has been using the same recipe […]

Wendy Williams Is Single And Ready To Mingle! ALREADY?!

**A story AND a chicken recipe!  BONUS!** Dang!  She moves fast! Wendy Williams is not letting her pending divorce get her down. The talk show host has shared with her audience that she is on the dating scene. Williams is a little rusty but admits she is rediscovering her love of men. She also revealed […]


Vans is giving fans a chance to see their Harry Potter sneaker collaboration. The shoes are exclusive to each of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s houses. The collection was first announced last month. Details regarding clothes and accessories have not been released.  WHEN?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

The Cyrus’s Really Like Their Marijuana!

Billy Ray’s new album comes out next Friday (May 24th called “The SnakeDoctor Circus” ) and the first track released is called “Angel In My Pocket”.  It’s about the “in case of emergency” joint that people carry in their pocket.  By the way, he is also I big chunk of signing weed.   Ummmmmmm, I have […]

HELIUM???? That Is What Is Causing The Loss Of Jobs At Party City?!!?

You have to be kidding me!!  A GAS is ruining parties all over the country!  Party City is planning to shut down 45 stores because of a global helium shortage!! The company says the closure represents 5 percent of their over 800 stores. Party City is looking to secure a new source for helium soon. […]