Brooklyn Nine-Nine is saved from Cancellation!

We can all relax, the emergency is over, Peralta & Co. are back on patrol and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is safe. NBC announced that they are reviving the show for 13 episodes after FOX announced that they were canceling the cop comedy after 5 seasons. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been airing since 2013 and has gained a […]

Carrie Underwood returns to American Idol!

Carrie Underwood stopped by Idol Sunday night to perform her new song “Cry Pretty”! Underwood won Idol in Season 4. That victory launched her very successful singing career. On Sunday’s episode, Underwood also was a guest mentor to the performers as they sang some of her songs. What do you think of Carrie Underwood’s new song? Did […]

Katy Perry Invites Taylor Swift to American Idol

After Katy Perry sent Taylor Swift an actual olive branch along with a nice note, it looks like their feud may finally be over. Perry was apparently nervous about Swift accepting the peace treaty, but Swift posted the note on Instagram and it was clear that she was also ready to move on. So what’s […]

Is this the end for Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Fox announced yesterday that they’re canceling the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and fans of the show are not happy with the network! There may be some good news though! Other networks and streaming services have expressed interest in taking over the series. Hulu is at the front of the line because they already have streaming rights […]

Someone stole Iron Man's suit!

There could be an Ironman imposter walking the streets of Los Angeles. The famous Iron Man Suit used in Marvel’s Avengers Movies has been stolen from a prop warehouse. LAPD spokesman, Christopher No says that the suit was stolen between February and late April and was worth an estimated, $325,000. What do you think the […]

Did Mel B reveal which Spice Girl Justin Timberlake got frisky with?!

In recent days, Justin Timberlake admitted to hooking up with one of the Spice Girls. However, being the consummate gentlemen, JT declined to identify which bandmate he hooked up with. Now, Spice Girl Mel B has been asked about which bandmate JT slept with. Her answer has some speculating that it could be Mel B herself. […]

This major celeb is sick of Ed Sheeran's music!

Even though they are good friends, Elton John is tired of hearing Ed Sheeran’s music on the radio. Speaking on a podcast, John said, “On the (American Radio) chart, which is the middle of the road chart, Ed is still number 1 and Shape Of You is still in the chart. It’s like, ‘Why?’ How many times […]

New Sherlock Holmes movie coming in 2020!

Warner Bros has made the announcement that the next Sherlock Holmes movie will be hitting theaters Christmas 2020. The last fim “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” was released in 2011, and there’s no word on if Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law will be back for the third movie. Despite Downey Jr saying he’s interested […]

Norwegian's New Ship Arrives In Miami!

The Norwegian Bliss arrived for the first time in Miami today and it is unbelievable! The ship features a two story, nearly 1,000ft long go-kart track, Aqua Racer slides, and an open-air laser tag arena! You guys know I love cruise ships and I can’t wait to check this one out! The ship will spend […]

Taylor Swift's tour will feature a blooper real!

If you are headed out to see Taylor Swift on her upcoming tour don’t rush out of the arena after her final encore. Swift announced plans to play the bloopers form her tour rehearsals at the end of her upcoming Reputation Tour. The tour kicks off May 8th in Arizona and stops in South Florida […]

"Infinity War" crosses the $1 Billion Mark

At this point I don’t think anyone is surprised ‘Infinity War’ is crushing it at the box office, but these numbers are massive! Infinity War took in $112.5 million domestically this weekend, and $162.6 million worldwide internationally. This makes its domestic total $450.8 million and $713.3 million internationally. Combine the two and that means Infinity […]

Pink announces more tour dates!

If you missed Pink’s Beautiful Trama Tour the first time around we’ve got some good news for you, It’s been extended! Pink announced 37 more dates for 2019 starting right here in Ft. Lauderdale! Her South Florida stop will be on March 1st, 2019. Tickets go on sale to the general public starting May 11th […]

How would you like to make 60K for drinking beer?

Wanna travel, drink, and get paid all at the same time? Well, White Claw Hard Seltzer wants to hire you as their brand ambassador. If you’re chosen, your job will be to travel the United States to “live your best life,” and make $60,000 for your troubles. The company that makes “boozy seltzer” started the […]

Swamp Thing live action TV show is coming!

Seems like everyday we have more superhero news, although this time it comes from the DC universe! DC Entertainment has made the announcement that they’re developing a live action “Swamp Thing” TV series for their new DC Universe streaming service. The show will follow CDC researcher Abby Arcane as she travels back to her home of […]

New 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' trailer drops!

Hungry for even more Marvel action after the new Avengers movie? We’ll here’s something to get you pumped! Check out the new trailer for ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’. Do you think this flick will be as good as Infinity War?

Facebook adds dating feature

If your having trouble finding the perfect match, Facebook can help! The opt-in feature would match users to people that they aren’t already friends with. Facebook users could build a dating profile, which friends won’t be able to see. Looks like Facebook is trying pretty hard to keep people plugged in after the whole data […]

Are you ready for… Danny DeVito day?

Looks like Danny DeVito got his own honorary day, at least in his home state of New Jersey. Saturday night, the Asbury Park City Council declared his birthday, November 17, “Danny DeVito Day” in his hometown. Congrats to DeVito, gotta be pretty cool to have you own day!

The Simpson's make more TV history!

 The Simpson’s broke another TV record last night with their 636th episode making them the longest running scripted TV show in history! They beat out the western ‘Gunsmoke’ for the record which ran from 1955-1975 and even paid tribute to the show with a parody opening. Do you still enjoy The Simpsons after all these […]

New Star Trek Movies On The Way!

Get ready Trekkies, new Star Trek is on the way!! Paramount Pictures CEO Jim Gianopulos confirmed the news at CinemaCon this week in Las Vegas to the delight of Trekkies everywhere. One installment is said to be a Quenten Tarrentino Star Trek movie with “The Revenant” screenwriter Mark L. Smith writing the script. As for the […]

This is the BEST job ever!

How would you like to travel the world and get paid to do it??? WOW, the budget-friendly Icelandic airline is looking for their first-ever air-travel guide. It’s a summer job that pays $4,500 a month and includes room and board in Iceland! If you want the job, you’ll need to put together a thirty-second video […]

New Game Of Thrones book is coming!

George RR Martin has guaranteed two things aren’t happening this year. Thats the final season of “Game of Thrones” and the sixth installment in his “Song of Ice and Fire” book series will not be out either. He did smooth things over by announcing that his book “Fire and Blood” that describes the history of the […]

Ariana Grande Taking Over The Tonight Show!

On the heels of Cardi B’s takeover of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the show is set to have it’s next such takeover. This time it will be Ariana Grande that spends the entire show with Jimmy Fallon. On Tuesday, May 1, the singer will come on the NBC program for the entire hour. The network […]

New Trailer Drops For "VENOM"!

Fans are getting their first look at Tom Hardy as Venom. The lastest trailer dropped and has a very short clip of Hardy as Venom but it’s enough to get the internet buzzing about the upcoming movie! Are you excited for the Venom flick? You can catch it in theaters on October 5th!

Adam Sandler's Got an Unexpected Celebrity Bestie

If you asked me who Adam Sandler would be face-timing in his spare time I’d probably guess Rob Schneider (Not sure why anyone would want to facetime him but that’s a story for another day). According to Adam though, he is good friends with a celebrity most people wouldn’t expect… Justin Bieber! Last night on […]

Traveling On a Plane Could Get Even More Uncomfortable!

Sounds like something that couldn’t even get worse but it may! Airlines may have found a way to make traveling with them even more uncomfortable! This new seat unveiled by a design company that clearly hates people would eliminate that pesky leg room problem by basically making you stand for the entire flight! It’s called […]