Is Janet Jackson Considering a Collaboration With Justin Bieber?

In a recent interview, Janet Jackson said she would love to collaborate with H.E.R, Daniel Caeser and that she is not opposed to working with Justin Bieber. She said, I’m not opposed to working with Justin. I’ve heard his music. I think he’s talented. Would you be excited for a Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber Collab? […]

Mrs. Doubtfire is becoming a musical!

This is a little bit of a strange idea but, Mrs. Doubtfire is abeing made into a broadway musical A musical adaptation of the 1993 movie will be directed by four time Tony Award winner Tony Saks. In the movie, Robin Williams played the iconic role of Mrs. Doubtfire.  The script is still being written and the […]

Apple says they're not listening in on our conversations

Apple is putting to rest the rumor that their phones spy on users by listening in on conversations to serve up targeted advertisements. While many people have claimed that ads displayed on some apps are too coincidentally close to what was just said out loud, Apple claims they would not allow that to happen. However in a bit […]

Believe it or not, there is still one Blockbuster left!

In the age of Netflix, Hulu and the like, Blockbuster Video just couldn’t compete. The video rental chain went belly-up with the exception of one location. The only Blockbuster Video that still exists is in Bend, Oregon. There were two others in Alaska. They closed last month. Bend is in central Oregon and has a […]

Does Beyonce steal from other artists???

Azealia Banks is a singer and rapper, but these days she’s most known for speaking her mind about her unpopular opinions. It seems like every day Banks is targeting someone new. Her latest target? Beyonce’. Banks took to her Instagram this weekend to post a series of IG stories calling out Beyonce’ saying that she […]

This woman claims she's in a serious relationship…. with a ghost!

The term ‘ghosted’ just got a whole new meaning thanks to a woman in the UK. Amethyst Realm is a woman who claims she and her fiance’ split after her fiance’ caught her having an affair… with a ghost. Since the split 12 years ago, Realm claims to have slept with 15 other ghosts, but now […]

CNN will air the last season of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown"

CNN plans to air the final seven episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown this fall. Bourdain’s tragic death earlier this year left fans wanting more of the series. Only one of the upcoming shows will have Bourdain’s trademark narration throughout. Producers will use on-location audio and interviews to tie together the rest of the episodes. The first […]

Who are the richest celebs on Instagram??

The top 75 richest people on Instagram have just been announced and you don’t even want to know how much these celebs are making per post. Number one on the list is no surprise, Kylie Jenner. Jenner, who just graced the cover of Forbes magazine, can charge a whopping 1 million dollars per Instagram post. […]

Do you have your lottery tickets???

For just the 5th time in its history, Mega Millions has topped the $500 million mark. The jackpot for Tuesday night’s U.S. Mega Millions lottery has reached $512 million.  The next drawing for the prize is scheduled for 11 PM ET. 22 drawings have taken place since the last time somebody won. In March, a […]

Amazon sold an insane amount of products on Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day featured 36 hours of savings and a lot of people took advantage of the discounts. Amazon said over 100 million products were purchased making this Prime Day their biggest shopping event ever. The best selling products were Amazon devices like the Echo Dot and the Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote. The […]

Anybody want Justin Timberlake's penthouse???

It looks like Justin Timberlake is having trouble selling his penthouse in SoHo. TMZ reports the price has been cut again on the 2600 square foot, three bedroom, three and a half bathroom palace. The original asking price was close to $8 million. The price has dropped to an affordable $6.75 million. You got that, right? Timberlake […]

Bruno Mars brings the heat…. and not in a good way

There was a scare yesterday (July 10) when Bruno Mars was performing a concert in Glasgow. During the show, all of a sudden everything came to a stop and Bruno Mars was rushed off stage because a fire had broken out. The crowd was left confused as a message appeared above the stage saying “This […]

Thai cave rescue is already becoming a movie

You knew a movie about the Thai soccer team cave rescue would be coming. An adaptation for the big screen is being planned by Pure Flix Entertainment. They are the faith-based production company responsible for the God’s Not Dead franchise. The CEO of Pure Flix, Michael Scott, lives in Thailand part-time and saw the rescue efforts first […]

If you have pets a TV interview from home may be a bad idea!

A Polish political scientist and historian was trying to discuss something serious on TV when his cat took over and climbed on his head. Jerzy Targalski was speaking about the Polish Supreme Court crisis. In the middle of the interview, the cat jumped on his shoulder. The cat proceeded to take a spot on his […]

9-Year-Old smashes TV after loosing in Fortnite

I love video games as much as the next guy but this is a little ridiculous! A mom is concerned about her 9-year-old son and his Fortnite addiction. The mother and her son live in the UK. She claims is so obsessed with the online game that he regularly spends up to six hours a day playing it. It […]

Struggling with student loan debt? Try this new game show!

If you have a student loan there is a new way to help you pay it off and you might have fun doing it. ‘Paid Off’ is a new trivia game show that gives college grads the chance to win cash to pay off those mounting debts. Contestants answer college related trivia, general questions and even […]

Drink coffee? You'll probably live longer!

According to a study from JAMA Internal Medicine, coffee drinkers are more likely to live longer. The study included a half-million people from England, Scotland, and Wales. Participants ranged in age from 38 to 73. “We found that people who drank two to three cups per day had about a 12 percent lower risk of […]

Chris Pratt Surprises Moviegoers

At a recent screening of his new movie, “Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt gave moviegoers a huge surprise! During a screening at Brenden Theaters in Vacaville Pratt made an appearance at the event that was to raise money for law enforcement families affected by cancer.  Pratt hung out the entire time and stayed with the […]

Is 'The Nanny' the next big reboot?

It’s been 20 years since Fran Drescher was a household name and the ‘Nanny’ was on TV, but apparently, a revival of the beloved series is in the works. ET spoke with Drescher about the show and Drescher began talking about how much people really love that show. When asked if there could be a series revival, […]

Russian Burger King Apologizes For World Cup Promotion

Here’s one that I bet the competition is definitely lovin’. Burger King in Russia ran a short-lived promotion on Tuesday offering 3 million Rubles ($47,000) and free Whoppers for life to any woman who becomes pregnant by a World Cup player. The offer, written in Russian and posted on the fast food giant’s VK social media site, stated […]

Disney Issues seizure warning about 'Incredibles 2'

Disney has released a warning about a scene in Incredibles 2. The portion of the film involving bright, flashing lights got people talking on social media about how the sequence could trigger seizures or chronic headaches for people with epilepsy. On Friday, Disney issued a warning to theaters asking them to post notifications about the scene. The […]

HBO Is doing a Robin Williams documentary

In a week where the world has lost Kaye Spade and Anthony Bourdain to suicide, it is a strange coincidence that HBO has released its first trailer for a new Robin Williams Documentary. HBO’s documentary Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind offers a look at his career and life. “You’re only given a little spark of madness and […]

There's going to be a third Legally Blonde

After 15 years away, Elle Woods is coming back to the big screen. Yep. Legally Blonde 3 will be coming to theaters. Deadline is reporting that a film starring Reese Witherspoon as the intrepid lawyer (with plenty of good quotes) is in the works. Screenwriters Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah, who adapted Amanda Brown’s novel of the […]

No more swimsuits at Miss America

Miss America has just announced something on Tuesday morning that will rock the pageant world to come. For starters they’re no longer calling themselves a pageant. Speaking on Good Morning America, the organization revealed that they will no longer hold a swimsuit competition and will no longer judge women based on physical appearance. Gretchen Carlson, the chair of the Board of […]

New movie trailer for "Widows"

Here’s another movie to look forward to. The first trailer for Widows has been released. The cast is led by Viola Davis, Liam Neeson and Michelle Rodriguez. Oscar winner Steve McQueen directed the movie and co-wrote it with Gillian Flynn, who’s responsible for writing Gone Girl. The plot has a group of women handling unfinished business after their husbands […]

Mariah Carey's ticket sales are a "disaster"

Mariah Carey’s three-month residency in Las Vegas starts off July 5th, but it’s reportedly not going as planned. According to a source, there are still plenty of seats available for the opening night and ticket sales are being described as a ‘disaster’. Carey’s team had originally planned to put the shows in a smaller venue, […]

Top Gun 2 begins production!

The sequel to Top Gun is real! Tom Cruise posted a picture on Instagram confirming that work has begun. The photo shows Cruise suited up as his character, Maverick. As he looks back at a plane, the caption reads, “Feel The Need. #Day1.” Rumors of a sequel began swirling a couple of years ago. An interview with […]

Danica Patrick will become the first female to host the ESPY's!

Danica Patrick will be the first female to host the ESPY’s. When talking about the hosting duties, Patrick said, “My first ESPYS was 2005, and I’ve been a fan, coming back every year since. It’s the biggest night of the year for sports. Every year, I leave feeling so inspired! I’m excited to be able […]

We now know when Star Wars land is opening at Disney!

Disney has announced when it’s newest land  “Star Wars: Galaxies Edge” will be opening! You’ll be able to experience it first hand late fall of next year at Walt Disney World. The movies may have people divided but this place look awesome!!! Check out this sneak peak that Disney released of what we can expect! […]